4th Grade News: 11/19

Hello Families,
Our fourth graders have been working hard all week and we know they are excited and ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving break ahead! If your child plans on missing school next week, please let their homeroom teacher know–this is very helpful in planning lessons and activities!

Notes for Next Week:
Middle School:
Recommendations and Shadow Days- If private school is an option for your family, please let your child’s teachers know about recommendations that may be heading their way. These often get lost in our “clutter” folders on email and we don’t want to miss them! Whether considering private or public school, we encourage your child to attend shadow days to help get a better sense of your family’s options. Shadow days are marked excused, but we do ask that you send in or email a note to your child’s homeroom teacher as well as Ms. Cathy ( so that it will be marked appropriately. If you are planning to schedule a shadow day, we would prefer your child attending a day earlier in the week. Avoiding Thursdays and Fridays if at all possible would be helpful so they won’t have weekly assessments to make up.

Appropriate Attire: As long as the temperature is above 50 degrees, our students will eat lunch outside. Recess will be outdoors as long as it is dry and above 32 degrees. With our recess and lunch earlier in the day, please encourage your child to dress accordingly!

Checking Grades:
Progress Reports are just around the corner, so make sure your student is checking their grades in Schoology. We have been encouraging students to check their assignments and complete/redo assignments as needed.

To check grades and look for assignments:
Login to Schoology through Clever (on your child’s account)
Select the Course for the grades you want to see
Click on “Grades” on the left side of the screen
Your child’s grades for that course will show up. If you see “-” this means the assignment has not been assigned to your child yet. All missing/incomplete assignments are labeled either missing or incomplete. Missing assignments are calculated as “0” and incomplete assignments have not been added to their grade yet.

What 4th Graders Are Learning Next Week:
Essential Question: What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively?
Core Text: Analyzing poetry with Love That Dog
*Writing: Completing end of module four-paragraph essays

Social Studies- Studies Weekly 12 “George Washington”

-Review multiplication and division facts and strategies

-Life Science: Ecosystems (Food Webs and Food Chains)

We already look forward to the week ahead with these amazing 4th graders. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Fourth Grade Team- Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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