4th Grade News: 12/3

Hello Families,
We have had a fantastic week back from the Thanksgiving holiday! Our December Navigator Day was on Thursday, and it was such a meaningful experience for everyone involved. We enjoyed one on one time with each of our fourth graders, and as a school we were able to support Mateo during his special visit. Thank you for joining us in showing our support for Mateo and the Lopez family. We will continue collecting items to donate to the Lopez family and to the pediatric oncology unit at Vanderbilt now through December 16.

Suggested donations from our fourth grade family include donating a coloring book, activity book, or new chapter book to Vanderbilt and/or gift cards (ex. Uber Eats, Target, Visa, Amazon) that will be provided directly to the Lopez family.

Additionally, we will also begin an ongoing collection of aluminum can tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House. Tabs can be brought in throughout the year.

Notes for Next Week:

As a reminder, laptops must be at school every day (as well as headphones). We would like student laptops to remain at school during the week unless a teacher has given specific directions to bring it home.

Sign up for Dashboard:
In your child’s Friday Folder, you will receive a copy of sign-up information for your child’s Personalized Student Dashboard. If you have not already signed up (we encourage this from both parents), please take a couple of moments to complete this in order to meet our 100% participation goal. Thank you!

Middle School:
Recommendations and Shadow Days- If private school is an option for your family, please let your child’s teachers know about recommendations that may be heading their way. These often get lost in our “clutter” folders on email and we don’t want to miss them! Whether considering private or public school, we encourage your child to attend shadow days to help get a better sense of your family’s options. Shadow days are marked excused, but we do ask that you send in or email a note to your child’s homeroom teacher as well as Ms. Cathy ( so that it will be marked appropriately. If you are planning to schedule a shadow day, we would prefer your child attending a day earlier in the week. Avoiding Thursdays and Fridays if at all possible would be helpful so they won’t have weekly assessments to make up.

What 4th Graders Are Learning Next Week:

Module 2: Extreme Settings
Essential Question: How does a challenging setting or physical environment change a person?
Grammar: Simile and Metaphor
Spelling: inflectional endings (-ed) and (-ing), suffix -ly, root “rupt”

Social Studies- Studies Weekly 14 “The War of 1812”

-Introduce Fractions Unit; focus on making equivalent fractions
-Review multiplication and division facts and strategies (please continue practice and review of basic facts)

Science- Life Science: Ecosystems (Adaptations, Endgangered Species)

We already look forward to the week ahead with these amazing 4th graders. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Fourth Grade Team- Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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