Happy Friday, families!
Please read below to know more about the week ahead:

Monday, February 14: Valentine’s Day! The 4th grade will celebrate Valentine’s Day with classroom parties, including a Valentine’s box contest for each class. Valentine’s boxes are to be decorated at home and brought to school Monday morning. A special panel of judges will look at the following categories:
1. Sweetest Box
2. Most Spirited Box (think school, sports, or house)
3. Most Creative Way to Receive a Valentine (How will the valentine actually enter the box?)
Participation is optional, but we always love seeing everyone’s creativity with this project!
Don’t forget–Valentine’s Day is also House Spirit Day!

Friday, February 18: No school for students
A half-day has been designated for conferences on Friday, February 18. Your child’s teacher will reach out for a conference request if one is needed at this time. Please know we are always here to communicate with you at any time throughout the school year!

What’s happening in fourth grade next week?
– Core Text- Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
– Focusing Question: How does setting influence character and plot development?
– Writing- Narrative
– Grammar- Prepositional Phrases; word study per & auto (Quiz Thursday)
– Foundational Skills- Practice Plurals with (-s) and (-es); Review Suffixes -ly and -y; and Roots graph and rupt; Handwriting-The Hill and Valley letters (lowercase m, n, v, x, y, z)

Social Studies:
Studies Weekly 21, The Antebellum South (test Thursday)

-Review adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions and mixed numbers (with like denominators)
-Focus: Line Plots with Fractions
-Weekly assessment on Thursday
*Please continue practicing multiplication and division facts!

-Earth Science: Day and Night

Have a wonderful weekend with your amazing kids. We are already looking forward to the week ahead!
Grace Akbari, Kate Allen, Emily Cary, and Jessica Morris