Happy Friday, families!
Please read below to know more about the week ahead:

Tuesday, February 22: Vision and Hearing screening for grades K, 2, and 4. We have the current list of opt-outs if you chose to not include your child in this screening.
Tuesday, February 22-24: PPE Used Book Sale
Thursday, February 24: February Navigator Day (Wear your field trip shirts to school on Thursday!)
Friday, February 25: Read-A-Thon begins!

What’s happening in fourth grade next week?

Core Text- Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
Focusing Question: How does setting influence character and plot development?
Writing- Narrative
Grammar- Review: prepositions/prepositional phrases word study per & auto, commas and coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences (Quiz Friday)
Foundational Skills-Spelling -Introduce Plurals requiring changing -y to i + (es) and -f (e) to v + (-es); Morphology- Practice Suffixes -ly and -y and Roots graph and rupt

Social Studies:
Studies Weekly 22, Slavery and Abolition (test Friday)

-Review: Fractions and the Four Operations
-This Week’s Focus: Area and Perimeter
-Weekly assessment on Thursday
*Please continue practicing multiplication and division facts!

-Earth Science: Seasons

Have a wonderful weekend with your amazing kids. We are already looking forward to the week ahead!
Grace Akbari, Kate Allen, Emily Cary, and Jessica Morris