Happy Friday, families!
Please read below to know more about the week ahead:

– Tuesday, February 25: Read-A-Thon begins!
– Friday, March 4: Pajama Day!

As Read-A-Thon begins, it may be helpful to know that fourth graders will get their points by reading books and taking Accelerated Reader quizzes on the books that they read. Points range from .5 and up depending on the level of book. The link below will take you to a website that will allow you to type in the title of books you have at home to see if they are AR book.

We love this time of year when we focus on the love of reading! Thank you for encouraging your child to read and to complete the challenges Ms. Stuart has made for the kids. The challenge brochures will come home in their Friday folder today.

What’s happening in fourth grade next week?
– Core Text- Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
– Focusing Question: How does setting influence character and plot development?
– Writing- Narrative
– Grammar- Review: relative pronouns; content vocabulary, commas and coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences (Quiz Friday)
– Foundational Skills- Spelling-Practice Plurals requiring changing -y to i and -f(e)to -ves
– Lesson14: Morphology-Introduce Root port

Social Studies:
Studies Weekly 23, Slavery: The Issue the Divided the Nation (test Friday)

-Review: Fractions, Four Operations, Area and Perimeter
-This Week’s Focus: Metric and Customary Measurement
-Weekly assessment on Thursday
*Please continue practicing multiplication and division facts!

-Earth Science

Have a wonderful weekend with your amazing kids. We are already looking forward to the week ahead!
Grace Akbari, Kate Allen, Emily Cary, and Jessica Morris