Happy Friday!
Please read for important details and events in the coming weeks.

*Return class and school library books!
Now is the time to start checking bookshelves at home for any books your child has borrowed from their classroom and/or library. We are missing several on our shelves in class and lists for overdue books are beginning to accumulate from the library. If your child is still reading the book, they can certainly keep it, but need to return it when finished. Thank you for your help in the search!

*House Party Donations Needed: We are collecting toilet paper and paper towel rolls for one of our House Party events in May. Please help us by sending in empty rolls with your child between now and May 13. Thank you!!

*Student Intent Surveys (please complete)
A few weeks ago, we asked for your help in completing a student intent survey for Percy Priest. Obviously, your fourth grader will not be attending PPE next year, but there are a couple of questions that will be helpful as we work on getting your child’s information to the correct middle school. If you have not already completed this, we would appreciate you doing so–it should take less than a minute!
There is also a link to a similar survey from JT Moore. This is another really quick form to fill out, but it is helpful in collecting data on who will be attending next year (please complete even if your child is not attending). Thank you for your help with this!
PPE Student Intent Survey
JTM Student Intent Survey

*Mark your calendars!
– April 19-21: ELA TNReady
– April 26-27: Math TNReady
– April 28: Science TNReady
– May 6: Mother/Son Movie Night and Father/Daughter Dance! Details to come.
– May 16-20: House Party- We would love volunteers to join us for this special week. If you’d like to help, please use the link to Sign Up! House Party Volunteer Sign Up
– May 18: Field Day (10:00-12:00)
– May 20 (morning): Spring Sing, House Party Awards/4th Grade Promotion Ceremony (Parents are welcome to join us that morning to celebrate!)
– May 21: 4th Grade’s Adventure Park Adventure! (Hosted by room parents, not a school sponsored event)
– May 26: Last Day of School! (half day)

*TN Ready Testing Starts Next Week!
On April 19, third and fourth grade students will begin taking the TN Ready assessment for ELA, Math, and Science. We want everyone to feel prepared and confident as they apply all of the skills and concepts they have learned! Please encourage your child to get a good night’s rest, eat a hearty breakfast, and remember to bring a snack and drink every day to school. Give your child lots of encouragement and positive talk and remind them that the test does not measure all of their incredible qualities! We are so proud of each and every one of our students no matter the results of this test.

Thank you for the continued support and encouragement you give your children (and their teachers!). Have a wonderful weekend!

Grace Akbari, Kate Allen, Emily Cary, and Jessica Morris