4th Grade News: 9/3

It’s been a great week in 4th grade! Please see below for important reminders and information on the week ahead.

Quick Reminders:

  • Labor Day: Students do not report to school on Monday, September 6. Enjoy the long weekend!
  • Fall Picture Day: Tuesday, September 7. SSA is required.
  • Progress Reports: Reports will be sent home on Tuesday. Since it is the beginning of the year, keep in mind that not many grades have been taken, so it may not be a true reflection of their current understanding.
  • Supplies Needed: Your 4th grader needs headphones at school when using their computer. Please send in headphones (or earbuds that can stay in binders) for your child.
  • Check calendars: Over the weekend, take a look at your child’s Friday Folder and sign or initial inside the Saturday box so we know you have checked. Encourage your child to turn this in first thing Monday morning for a Tiger Ticket!


Homework: Our 4th graders will be “paid” for homework they complete on time! Students will have bank accounts that stay in their math class where they keep their “money” and account balances. Students are paid for math and ELA homework on a weekly basis and can shop in their class store with consistent homework completion. This incentive cannot be sustainable without your help. Please visit your class’s wish list to help us keep our stores stocked and ready for shoppers!

Desk Pets: When students earn five Tiger Tickets, they may turn them in to rescue a pet (animal erasers & squishies). Students will also be able to purchase accessories to care for their pet using additional earned Tiger Tickets. Desk Pets stay at school during each quarter. At the end of the first quarter, children have the option to bring them home or continue to keep them at school. Pets will continue to be earned throughout the school year!

What 4th Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English & Language Arts):

  • Continuing with Wit and Wisdom Module 1: What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively?
  • Daily Grammar Spiral Review/Weekly Language Review
  • Word Study (compound words)

Social Studies:

Continue Studies Weekly, Week 3: The Start of the U.S.A.


  • Comparing Digits Within Numbers (10 times greater/10 times fewer)
  • Add and Subtract (within one million)
  • Place Value Review
  • *Weekly Assessment on Thursday


Continue Engineering Unit (design process and engineering challenges)


We already look forward to the week ahead with these amazing 4th graders. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Fourth Grade Team- Grace, Kate, Emily, Jessica, and Ashley



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