A Note from the Front Office

This school year, we will have a different process for late arrivals/early dismissals.  There will be a table on the front porch where students can be signed in when late.  Parents will sign the log and then have their child ring the bell to be admitted to the school.  When picking up your child early from school, please sign the log and ring the bell for the front office staff to call your child to be picked up.  Parents/Caregivers will not be permitted inside school at this time due to MNPS policies.

When picking up or dropping off items for students during the school day, this table will also contain 2 bins for pick up or retrieval.  When dropping off items (i.e. water bottle, lunch, jacket, folder, etc.), please put the item in the bin and ring the bell to let the front office staff know you have dropped something off.

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