Art News: Supplies Needed

Here are the requested supplies for Art class next week:
All students need their RED SKETCH BOOK each week!
  • Kindergarten: Crayons or oil pastels, watercolor paints (if you have them)
  • 1st Grade: Markers or crayons, scissors, tape (washi, craft, or painter’s tape)
  • 2nd Grade: Crayons or markers, paint (watercolor, poster paint, or tempera), a shallow box to contain the mess, an old toothbrush, two paint brushes
  • 3rd Grade: Crayons or pastels, a pencil, an action picture of yourself doing something you like (playing soccer, dancing, painting, jumping).
  • 4th grade: Crayons and colored pencils
Please don’t stress about supplies! Using what you have teaches students how to problem solve and be creative! We can make almost anything work if your child is present, has their sketchbook, and crayons!

All the best,
Mrs. A

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