INVEST CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Thank you to 138 PPE Families!

INVEST CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Thank you to 138 PPE Families!

A very big PPE thank you to the 138 PPE families that have made a donation or pledge to the PTO’s INVEST Campaign to support PPE! If you have not yet made your pledge or donation, we need your support today!

The dollars raised by INVEST go directly to support PPE teachers and students – and this year the dollars are funding interventional teachers to support our PPE teachers and special items needed to help our children have a safer return to school!

YOU CAN PLEDGE OR GIVE TODAY ONLINE: We know every family’s situation is different and any amount of support is appreciated. You do not have to make a gift today – you can simply make a pledge that is completed by mid-November. You can make a gift or a pledge by going here


The following PPE family have made HERO pledges or donations of $1,500 or more. Thank you for your generosity!

  • The Benchoff Family
  • The Dolezal Family
  • The Henning Family
  • The Judy Family
  • The Lathen Family
  • The Murrell Family
  • The Osmundson Family
  • The Paterno Family
  • The Presley Family
  • The Provonchee Family
  • The Reed Family
  • The Tyler Family
  • The Watson Family
  • The Wolanski Family
  • The Yanicky Family
  • The Zehr Family
  • Anonymous
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