Kindergarten News: 4/30

Dear Parents,
Today is the last day to order a yearbook! You may order online using the information below:                            Code: 57860M 
It is hard to believe we have just three full weeks of school left in this school year! Please make sure you read your teacher’s weekly newsletter for an update on all upcoming events!

Here’s what is coming up in kindergarten…

Mother’s Day
~Make text-to-self connections and write about shared experiences
~Sequence events in fictional texts
~Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose an opinion piece
~Use adjectives to describe 
~Write friendly letters
~Gather data (survey) to create an “All About” book 

~Read grade level texts with purpose and understanding (Take-home readers)

~Identify long e “vowel teams” (ea/ee) in spoken words

~Review long a “vowel teams” (ai/ay) in spoken words

~Explore standard and nonstandard units of measurement

~Fluently add and subtract (review)


Mark your Calendar

  • May 3rd-7th- Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 11th- PTO Meeting, 6:30-8:00
  • May 25th- Last day of school, 11:30 dismissal (half-day)

Thanks for ALL you do!

K Team

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