Kindergarten News: 9/17

Hi Parents,
While at guidance, kindergarten students are being introduced to another friend who can help them resolve small conflicts. His name is Kelso! Ask your child to explain when to use Kelso’s Choices and see if he/she can name two! Of course, if children have a BIG problem, they should tell an adult.

ELA: Essential Question: How do our senses help us learn?
Focusing Question: How does CJ use his senses to learn about the world in Last Stop on Market Street?
Text: Last Stop on Market Street




  • Share the essential meaning of the text
  • Ask questions about the text
  • Use sensory adjectives to describe apples (Children should bring an apple to school on Monday) ?
  • With prompting and support, use a combination of drawing, dictating, and/or writing to narrate a single event
  • Experiment with adding details to a drawing
  • Experience apples using five senses
  • Ask and answer questions about key vocabulary in the text
  • Write the letters that represent most phonemes and apply them to their own writing and drawing
  • Identify uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Form letters correctly
  • Learn letter sounds

Math: Represent Subtraction

Represent subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds, acting out situations, and verbal explanations.

Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)

  • Recognizes that there are many ways to solve conflicts and practices solving problems using different methods
  • Demonstrates awareness and consideration of other people’s emotions, perspectives, and social cues
  • Demonstrates the ability to make friends and sustain positive relationships

Upcoming Dates

  • September 17th- Constitution Day
    INVEST pledges due
  • September 20th- Tiger Cup
  • September 23rd- PPE Songwriter’s Night, Songs Under the Stars
  • October 5th- PTO Meeting
  • October 8th- No School, Planning Day
  • October 11th-15th- No School, Fall Break

Fall picture day photos are now available to view and order.  Please visit and create a free account.  Then search for Percy Priest Elementary and event code FE165621 to find your student’s photo.  Photos can be customized and ordered online to be shipped to your home.  If you missed picture day, don’t worry, we will have picture make ups on November 8th.

Thanks for ALL you do!
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