Tie Dye Monday, October 19th

Tie Dye Monday, October 19th

To create a fun, yet safe gathering to get excited for school, the PTO has planned a Tie Dye event for all PPE 3rd & 4th graders and any students who missed this past week. 

Please make sure to arrive at your designated time slot and not earlier as the school will be busy with dismissal and likely have limited parking.

Masks will be required.  You may want to consider bringing a plastic trash bag to wear as a poncho to try to keep your clothes from getting stained. T-shirts will be provided.

This event will be held on the basketball court behind school. 

We need volunteers. Please sign up here if you are able to help

THIRD GRADE:                                                      

  • Bell/Bray 3:30 – 4
  • Robnett/Zimmerman 4 – 4:30
  • Morrell/Snyder 4:30 – 5


  • Akbari/Cary 4:30 – 5
  • Allen/Morris 5-5:30


Paper grocery bags are ideal to use while coloring so if you have a couple, please bring them with you!  See you on Monday afternoon!

Kass and Ginny

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