Traffic Rules for In Person Tuesday

TRAFFIC PATTERNS – it is extremely important to follow the map below when dropping off and/or picking up from school.  This is the most efficient way to drop off/pick up your children.

  • From Granny White, turn RIGHT on Robert E. Lee to Ashland to Priest Rd.
  • From Hillsboro Rd., turn LEFT onto East Ashland to Priest Rd.
    • Please DO NOT drive straight to the school on Otter Creek. It holds up the through- traffic, which is primarily our neighbors, not students.
  • Only residents who live in Hounds Run should enter the car line from Priest Rd. heading north. Please do not use this as a cut through.


  • Car riders – Please follow the car line closest to the grass and allow busses to drop off near the sideway. When possible, have your children exit on the PASSENGER side with MASKS ON and backpacks at their feet to independently exit the car.
  • Walkers – Give hugs at the Tiger’s Den and send your children to their assigned entrance.


  • Busses – Children riding busses will be dismissed first once loaded.
  • Car Riders – Unlike previous years, we are using TWO LANES instead of three since students are exiting the building at many different doors.
    • This is for the safety of your children. We appreciate your patience as the teachers navigate their internal app to call students from their classrooms. 
  • Walkers – Please wait at the Tiger’s Den for your child located on either side of the front parking lots. They will be dismissed at 3:15 pm.


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