Welcome to Percy Priest Elementary School!

At the beginning of each school year, we send parents and caregivers several documents that highlight elements of the school along with a few that MNPS requires parents and caregivers to review, sign and return.

Each of those documents are listed and linked in the checklist below.  Many of the forms can just be reviewed and saved.  However, there are others which need to be reviewed, completed and returned, as instructed.

Information to Review and Save:

Information/Forms to Review, Complete and Return by September 3, 2021:

  • MNPS Student-Parent Handbook 
    • Please note that MNPS now requires parents and caregivers to submit all permission forms through the “Permissions Portal” on this website. Scroll halfway down the page and you will see the “Permission Forms” section and a blue button to the right that says “Permissions Portal”. Click there to begin.
  • Occupational Survey
    • Families should print, sign and return this survey to homeroom teachers. Please note that families can “opt-out” of having to complete this every year by following the instructions on the bottom of page one.