The PPE Earth Club and PPE Art Teacher Ms. Atkinson are excited to announce PPE’s participation in Crayola’s ColorCycle, an innovative program that recycles old markers into new usable products. Between October 1 – 25, PPE students can drop off old, used up markers into “Hungry Monster Boxes” located throughout PPE.
No only will you help Mother Earth, you also help PPE students earn a non-SSA day for the school! If PPE is able to collect 1,000 markers between October 1 – 25, the entire school will earn a non-SSA day!
ColorCycle accepts any brand and type of marker, including highlighters and dry erase markers. Markers will be collected and sent to Crayola, where they will be turned into new useable industrial products.
So dig through your art bins, junk drawers and pen jars, feed the Hungry Monster Boxes at PPE and help students earn a non-SSA day! If you have any questions, please reach out to PPE parent Nicole Provonchee at or 615-423-8061.