In our super-busy lives we have often imposed upon ourselves, we want to take every opportunity to catch up with work-related matters and keep up with social media. After all, we’re redeeming time and not wasting a second! Sometimes we forget that doing this in certain situations may not be safe, may not be legal or may not be good for relationships with our spouse and children.

Last month we had a parent response to a request from our Principal in a PTO newsletter. Parents were asked not to be on the phone or texting while waiting in car lines to drop off or pick up their children. We take our job seriously to ensure the safety of all students. They are so precious and we know that causing harm to students would be the last thing on your mind, too.

To quote this parent, he stated, “I realize all of us are trying to maximize time and it’s easy to be tempted to get some work done while waiting to turn into the car line by looking at email and texts. I wonder if this is an opportunity to remind the parent community (myself included) that:

  • our kids watch (and usually repeat) everything we do;
  • they can’t distinguish between texting while the car is moving and when it’s sitting still
  • this is an opportunity to turn off our phones for 5 minutes and connect with our kids before school
  • this is an opportunity to model behavior we hope our kids copy when they start driving in a few years
  • actions speak louder than words, and they won’t listen to us when we tell them not to text and drive if they’ve seen us doing it their whole childhood
  • this is a public safety concern.

A few ideas (He says):

  • Maybe the school guidance counselor could include a blog on this; (So here it is folks!)
  • Maybe we could occasionally place temporary signs on Priest Road that remind us
  • Maybe teachers could do some education on this for the students, who no doubt will educate us parents!

Thanks so much Stephen for such a succinct statement and for suggesting a blog be written on it. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Written by Brian Burgess, School Counselor, PPE.