Upon returning from winter break, my Spanish classes will participate in a cultural activity and celebrate Three King’s Day. I will need 1 volunteer from each classroom to make special cupcakes for the activity. The celebrations will take place during Spanish class the week we return from winter break (January 8-14).

Please bake white or yellow cupcakes. After baking the cupcakes, hide a small piece of candy inside one of the cupcakes. Then top with your child’s favorite icing! The candy represents one of the king’s jewels, so please use something colorful like a Skittle, a Jolly Rancher, a peppermint, etc. The student who discovers the jewel inside their cupcake will be crowned king or queen for the day! Please mark the cupcake that has the treat in it with a toothpick or sticky note, however, do not let your cild know which one it is! Lastly, please check the food labels of all the ingredients, as well as the candy you use to make sure that the cupcakes are nut/peanut free!

Please click the link below to sign up to make the cupcakes for your child’s class! If you have any questions, please e-mail me at lisa.trujillo@mnps.org.


I wish you all the happiest of holidays!

Sra. Trujillo
Percy Priest Spanish Teacher