Information on Car Rider Arrival and Dismissal, Walkers, Ride-Share and Busing Links to MNPS are provided in this section of the website.

Safety is our primary concern when coordinating the arrival and dismissal of students whether they are walkers, car riders, or bus riders.

If you are a bus rider, please review the MNPS policy on bus conduct, rules, and safety.

You can check your child’s bus schedule status in real time and even see if the bus will arrive late? For more information visit the MNPS site.

There is also the Remind App that helps parents keep up with their bus. To join, send a text message to 81010.  The content of the message should be as follows:
          For Route 1 Pink Bus please text @ppebus1
          For Route 2 Orange Bus please text @ppebus2
          For Route 3 Blue Bus please text @ppebus3
          For Route 4 Purple Bus please text @ppebus4
          For Route 5 Yellow Bus please text @ppebus5


Thanks to all of our parents who are keeping kids safe by following PPE traffic rules! We are grateful for your patience; we understand the line is long, but past years prove it will move much more quickly in the weeks ahead. The best way to keep our kids safe and to help traffic flow, is to follow these guidelines and to make sure your kids know their car rider number:


  • Please use the following map to guide your approach to Percy Priest. EVERYONE MUST APPROACH THE SCHOOL FROM PRIEST ROAD. From Priest, turn right onto Otter Creek.
  • Please use the right margin of Otter Creek as you approach the school entrance (your right tire should nearly be in the grass!).
  • If you cannot pull up to the Tiger Paws, PLEASE WAIT ON OTTER CREEK. Turn into the loop only when cars begin to move. If your vehicle can fit within the first set of tiger prints, you may enter the circular driveway. If not, please remain on Otter Creek Road and to the far right of the shoulder to allow buses and other vehicles through.
  • While you are in the loop, please stay as far left as possible to leave room for buses.
  • Please do not park on the Percy Priest Campus unless you wait in line and use a marked parking space. DO NOT PARK IN THE GRASS ALONG OTTER CREEK. There is no safe path for your child to enter PPE if you park in the grass; kids must walk between cars if they do not enter from the pickup line.
  • We want to be good neighbors at PPE! Otterwood and Hounds Run have asked that we not park in their entrances. Neighbors living on streets adjacent to Percy Priest have also asked that we not park in their yards. Please represent PPE well by respecting their wishes.


  • Students dismissed early should be picked up before 2:30pm.
  • When you first begin to line up in the hook-up line, please be sure your car rider number is hanging from your rear-view mirror and is plainly visible to the outside.
  • Follow the instructions of the PPE staff who will direct you to form a second line.
  • The PPE staff will enter your car rider number information into an app which displays in the classrooms.  When seeing their car rider number, your child will exit the building at their assigned door and make their way to your car.
  • Place your car in park, step up from your car door and when you see your child walk out, wave to indicate your location (please do not walk up to the front steps to retrieve your child).
  • Once the lane of cars is safely within the two sets of paw prints and in parked position, and the car rider numbers have been called, the students will be released as ONE group to then walk to their respective cars.
  • Once all students are safely within their vehicles, all cars will be dismissed from the PPE staff at the end of the line.