Hi PPE Families!

In May, I always tell students that summer is one of the happiest reading times of the year! I usually have an entire fun lesson to generate summer reading excitement. I tell students that if they don’t remember anything else, just remember these four things:

1) Read books you LOVE!
2) Never leave the house without a book.
3) Read around the clock. When you wake up, while you’re eating lunch, out on the back porch…10 minutes here & 10 minutes there can really add up.
4) Read all types of books. Informational books, picture books, chapter books, graphic novels…

For this year’s lists, I made an effort to include books that are available in paperback since we’re not sure when the libraries will open again. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me over the summer if you have any questions or need more recommendations.

Download the full list here!

Happy Reading!

Much Love,
Miss Stuart