Have you ever wondered why you’re so exhausted all the time? Your sleep index has sunk to an all-time low! Your head’s just about to explode or drag on the ground. Your family ‘taxi’ undergoes a tire change every year because you are burning up the rubber carting your kids to softball, gym, ballet, karate, soccer, football, choir, youth group and Tiddlywinks tournaments!

And… you’re thinking, “When is all this going to end? It’s NOT, so long as you choose to be this superhero.

Your kid’s thinking, “When are my parents going to stop wanting me to do all these things? I’m like, super-stressed out!! Is there Prozac for kids?”

Call a truce. Raise a white flag. Have a family meeting and discuss the issues. At that meeting eat pizza, plenty of pizza until you’re sick of pizza and then you’ll probably think, “I’m also tired of being tired. I’m wearing myself ragged!”

Your last kid turns 18 years old and leaves to go to a college as far away as she can get from home (like all good American children do) so that they can party on your hard-earned savings. No wonder when you and your spouse come to breakfast the morning after your last kid leaves you look across the table and spy a stranger, your spouse! You were both so busy working to give your kids a good life and running around pandering to their or your wants and needs that you forgot about your own relationship.

Many parents break up at this point. (“We were staying together for the sake of the kids.”) I’m sure that’s not what you want, but the stats seem to prove it. I’m getting tired of getting everyone else’s drugs through the water reticulation system because they’re all worn out, stressed to the max and not making the time to really enjoy their kids.

Keep it simple people. Cut down on the number of activities you allow your kids to do. Child stress is epidemic as a result of failed marriages, financial woes, a lack of father involvement, societal and school pressures and sometimes our crazy way of life. They don’t need any more stressors. Some of us need to lighten up, become less concerned about what others might think if our kids are not engulfed in activities and endeavor to build a positive home environment. Let’s not miss the important things in life… time and love!

That’s what kids want above all else. Enjoy this week with your kids and reinforce great relationships.

Written by Brian Burgess, School Counselor, PPE, Nashville. {These blogs are not the views of PPE, just my own}