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Posted on 10/2/2015 under Schoolwide

Dear PPE Families,

Please join me in sending happy thoughts and prayers to PPE cafe' monitor and general school assistant, Mrs. Sonya Whitlow. She will receive a new kidney via a kidney transplant next week. What is even more amazing is the donor just happens to be her husband! 
Our students know she will be having surgery, but they may not know the extent of her illness. You, as parents, are encouraged to share this information if you desire to do so.

During Mrs. Whitlow's absence, we are looking for volunteers to help Mrs. Cathy in the cafeteria. If you can donate some of your time during the lunch periods, we would appreciate it very much! Please email the office staff.....Cathy.gerald@mnps.org or Lolita.kinnard@mnps.org and let them know you are willing to help in the Tiger Cafe'. Thank you for considering.

Also--the cafe is in need of cleaning wipes. Please send some in as flu season is here!

Have a safe and happy fall break!

All the best,

Melinda Williams

These poems were created by Mrs. Twitchel’s  4th grade Writer’s Club.  The club meets once a week to explore the art of creative writing and, quite possibly, have more than a good dose of giggles.  Enjoy!


Ode to Percy Priest


This place I love is filled

With learning as exuberant as skydiving,

Friendships as good as warm chocolate chip cookies,

And hearts as kind as rain on a hot day.

-Sarah Braam


This place I love is filled

With teachers as smart as the President,

Playgrounds like Disney World,

And hearts as kind as a dog’s kiss.

-Jace Williamson


This place I love is filled

With teachers as challenging as finding a cure for chicken pox,

As kind as a warm hug on a cold night,

Field trips as cool as a tour of the White House,

And friends as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot day.

-Ford McLaughlin


This place I love is filled

With friendships as warm as chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven,

Hearts as big as fluffy bunnies,

And wonderful memories like a hallway of pictures.

-Presley Miller



This place I love is filled with

Friendships as warm as chocolate double fudge cookies,

Field trips as fun as Disney,

And hearts as kind as cute, fluffy bunnies.

-Daisy Urbanowicz




PPE Parenting Tip #3

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