Auction Ticket Countdown

Posted on 4/18/2014 under Schoolwide

Just seven days left to purchase your tickets (at the reduced price) to the Derby Days Auction Event and Dinner at Loveless Barn. Use the money you save on tickets to secure a spot for one of the many student events! More details on the many amazing auction items coming soon.

Print your ticket form and return it to school with your payment to purchase your tickets or follow this link to the TigerStop and purchase your tickets online in a matter of minutes. 

TCAP Proctors Needed

Posted on 4/18/2014 under Schoolwide

TCAP testing starts Tuesday, April 29. Once again we are looking for Test Proctors to assist the teachers in our 3rd and 4th grade rooms during the testing process. This year we are looking for volunteers to offer 4 mornings (April 29, 30; May 1, 2). We feel that consistency is good for the students when they see the same person in class each morning. A proctor helps distribute/collect materials and ensures the smooth running of the test so that the students can maximize their time to complete it to the best of their ability. A short training session will be offered before the testing begins.

If you are not able to offer 4 (3 hour) sessions we will be happy to take you for 1-3 mornings. Proctors are necessary in each testing situation, so we are looking to our parent community for these resources. We will likely start at 8:30 a.m. and most testing will be over by 11:30 –Midday.

If you can help please email:               

Brian Burgess


Mary Twitchel

Just state what day(s) you can offer us and we will be deliriously happy to have you involved in this important and great venture. We will communicate further once we have received an email from you. If you don’t have an email account please just drop a note into the School Counselors’ office.

Field Day Request

Posted on 4/18/2014 under Schoolwide


Will you ever wear all those outdated ties?

We need a few old neck ties for Field Day.

Just send them to the gym.


PE Department