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Below you’ll find a library of our Parenting Series Webinars.

To access these presentations, please email our School Counselor : Please allow 24- 48 hours for access to be granted.

Dr. Alanna Truss & Katie Lee

Be SMART (Secure Firearm Storage)

Keywords: SMART=Secure, Model, Act, Recognize, Tell, gun storage, prevention

Charlotte Keeney

Bullying & Relational/Sibling Aggression

Join Charlotte Keeney, LCSW from Symmetry Counseling as she leads “Bullying & Relational/Sibling Aggression—Understanding Mistreatment & What You Can Do” in partnership with the PPE community.

Keywords: bullying definitions, person-centered language, Dr. Dan Olweus, “I” statements, emotional regulation, coregulation, bullying behavior, sibling rivalry

Kristin Keiper-Berneman

How to Talk with Children about Grief & Loss

Join Kristin Keiper-Berneman, School Counselor & ASCA certified Grief & Loss Specialist as she leads “How to Talk with Children About Grief & Loss” in partnership with the PPE community.

Keywords: euphemisms, magical thinking, funerals, wakes, memorials, grief by age

Kelly Flanagan

Childhood Mental Health 101, What to Look For & How You Can Help

Join Kelly Flanagan, LPC & Clinical Director of the Nashville OCD & Anxiety Treatment Center as she leads “Childhood Mental Health 101- What to Look For & How You Can Help” in partnership with the PPE community.

Keywords: mental health disorders, trends, ADHD, depression, cycle of anxiety, cycle of avoidance, modeling, resources, Natasha Daniels, “The Noise In Your Head” series, Adverse Childhood Events/ACEs

Jenn Stewart

The Endless What Ifs—Parenting an Anxious Child

Join Dr. Jenn Stewart of Green Hills Family Psych as she leads “The Endless ‘What Ifs’– Parenting an Anxious Child,” in partnership with the PPE community.

Keywords: parenting, SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions), worry, cycle of anxiety, accommodations, regulation, problem-solving, pattern of avoidance, confidence

PPE School Counselor Roles & Responsibilities


  • Leads classroom lessons on topics including emotional regulation, coping skills, decision making, conflict resolution, empathy, career exploration, safety and more
  • Provides counseling interventions to individual students and small groups
  • Consults with parents and teachers 
  • Serves as Support Team Chair, a team of school personnel that identifies appropriate resources to provide behavioral, social, emotional, academic, and attendance support for designated students
  • Serves as 504 Coordinator, safeguarding the rights of students with disabilities
  • Collaborates with and coordinates referrals with other school specialists through the MTSS -B process (school social worker, school psychologist, advocacy coach, etc.)
  • Assists in the identification of and referrals for crisis situations
  • Ensures parents and students are aware of how to access community resources
  • Supports the PPE parent & caregiver community by coordinating the Parenting Series with area professionals
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