PTO Deposit/Reimbursement Information

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Percy Priest PTO Financial Policies


Deposit Information

  1. Deposits should be placed in the lock box in the office as soon as possible after the event preferably the day of the event. Please let the Percy Priest PTO Treasurer know at and/or the Percy Priest PTO Presidents know that the deposit is in the box as well as the amount of the deposit.
  2. Deposit Envelopes and For Deposit Only Stamps are in the box on the wall next to the deposit box and should be completed in their entirety. Any checks should be stamped with the for deposit only stamp.
  3. If you have 10 or more checks, please fill out the check log which is found on the website under Treasury Guidelines, PTO Excel Spreadsheet.

Reimbursement Information

  1.  If you spend money on behalf of a committee or from a budget line item, you have 60 DAYS to turn in all receipts for reimbursement.  Any receipts greater than 60 days will not be paid.
  2. Please remember to use a Percy Priest tax exempt form when shopping as we WILL NOT reimburse sales tax. Forms may be found on the wall near the deposit box in the office.
  3. Please fill out the Distribution/Reimbursement Request form in its entirety when requesting payment. If not completed, payment will be delayed. (forms below)
  4. All Distribution/ Reimbursement Request forms should be placed in the clear box under the drop box in the office for approval. Teachers should place forms in the clear box on Principal’s door for approval. (forms below)
  5. Checks will be prepared on the 15th and Last Day of each month. Please consider this if you need checks prior to upcoming breaks and holidays.
  6. All disbursements to a PPE parent will be sent home via the child.

Miscellaneous Information

If you need starter cash for an event, please notify the Percy Priest Treasurer or Co-Presidents using the email listed above five (5) days prior to the event with needs.

PTO Deposit Spread Sheet Excel Doc
Deposit Guidelines and Procedures
Reimbursement Form
Petty Cash Form