1st Grade News: 4/23

Ask your first grader to tell you . . .
  • ​another way to say 8:30.
  • why we use graphs.
  • what a pictograph is.
  • the difference between a need and a want.
  •  an adjective to describe tree, day, and shirt.
  • the character, setting, problem and solution of a story you read together.
  • what the moon is made of.
  • what the holes in the moon are called.

**Yearbooks are on sale now.  If you would like to purchase a yearbook, please go to the link below.  All orders must be made by April 30.  The cost for each book is $25.       Code: 57860M

**We wanted to thank all of you for participating in the school auction.  We are extremely thankful for your support of Percy Priest.  There are many things that make PPE so special.  Two of the most valuable things are the students and the parents!  We appreciate you very much!
Have a wonderful weekend!
The First Grade Team
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