Kindergarten News: 5/13


Hi Parents, We are very excited for Field Day on Wednesday, May 18th! Below are the details for this fun-filled event… ~Field Day is 10:00-12:00 ~All “K” students will wear their blue PPE Tiger shirt and tennis shoes ~Sunscreen should be applied before school ~Please make sure your child’s name [...]

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Kindergarten News 5/6


Hi Parents, Our Cinco de Mayo celebration was incredible! The children really enjoyed themselves (and the chips and salsa). 😊 They looked wonderful in their festive clothing and colors. Thanks to Señora Trujillo for organizing this event! Thank you so much for the flowers, cards, gifts, and many tokens of [...]

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Kindergarten News: 4/29


Hi Parents, It is exciting to have you in the building for lunch!! Thank you for adhering to the sign-up/lunch protocols: To help us with space and accommodating guests, we ask that visitors sign-up to come eat lunch using the bookings link (see Dr. Young’s eblast for the link). Please [...]

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Kindergarten News: 4/22


Hi Parents, It is hard to believe we are halfway through the final quarter of kindergarten! Next week is the final week of Take-Home Readers! Thank you for supporting us by listening to your child read these past several weeks! Their decoding skills, comprehension, and confidence have grown! Here's what [...]

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Kindergarten News: 4/8


Hi Parents, Thank you for supporting the Scholastic Book Fair. It has been an overwhelming success! We know the memories made from our special Grandparents & Grand Friends Day will last a lifetime. The smiles and excitement were priceless! Here's what is coming up in kindergarten… Essential Question: How has [...]

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Kindergarten News: 4/1


Hi Parents, The children have enjoyed observing their animals. Now that we have planted flower seeds, the kiddos can use information from observations to identify differences between plants and animals. PPE Scholastic Book Fair (April 4th-8th)  After a two-year hiatus, it’s BACK! Our Scholastic Book Fair will take place in [...]

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Kindergarten News: 3/25


Hi Parents, Our living things have arrived! Classrooms have two habitats (aquariums and terrariums) to house our worms, pill bugs & sow bugs, guppies & goldfish. Our driving questions are, “How are animal structures similar and different? “What do animals need to live and grow? MNPS Promising Scholars program will [...]

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Kindergarten News: 3/11


Hi Parents, Please take a moment to help us with updating our records as we begin planning for the 22-23 school year. Complete the short 2022-23 PPE Intent form to let us know your plans for next school year.  While this information is non-binding, it does help us to plan for [...]

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Kindergarten News: 3/4


Hi Parents, We are off and reading with our Read-A-Thon! Today we will cozy up with some good books while we are in our PJ’s! It has been a huge thrill to see parents in the building again. 😊 Thank you for being guest readers and supporting our school-wide RAT. [...]

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Kindergarten News: 2/25


Hi Parents, The Used Book Sale was a huge success!! Thank you for supporting our school (and your kindergarten reader) by allowing your child to make purchases. The kiddos were very excited to select books, recommend their favorite books to friends, and get CHAPTER BOOKS!! 😊 Happy Reading! While the [...]

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