Kindergarten News: 12/3


Hi Parents, We had a groovy time celebrating the 70th day of school! It is hard to believe we are close to the end of our first semester of kindergarten! Please mark your calendar for our upcoming winter holiday celebration, Pajamas & Cocoa on December 16th. Check your child’s weekly [...]

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Kindergarten News: 11/19


Hi Parents, The 70th day of school is approaching (December 2nd)! We would like the kindergarten children to dress in 70’s attire (tie dye shirts, bell bottoms, peace symbols, etc.). We hope the kiddos go “all out” for this groovy occasion! Upcoming Dates ~November 24th-26th- No School, Thanksgiving Holiday ~December [...]

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Kindergarten News: 11/12


Hi Parents, Tom Turkey is breathing a sigh of relief due to many creative turkey disguises! Looks like he will have a very safe and happy Thanksgiving. This past week, we learned how Veteran’s Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans who served or are currently serving. We [...]

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Kindergarten News: 11/5


Hi Parents, THANK YOU for supporting our school with the INVEST fundraiser. Kindergarten had over 90% of families pledge! We will have our grade level popsicle party next Friday. As we continue to talk about gratitude this month, please know that we are very thankful for our amazingly supportive PPE [...]

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Kindergarten News: 10/29


Hi Parents, We are excited to talk with you at parent conferences today! Please reach out to your child’s teacher if you have not scheduled a conference. Thank you for sending in items for our Harvest Celebrations! We appreciate your support. Make sure you mark your calendar for the upcoming [...]

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Kindergarten News: 10/22


Hi Parents, It was wonderful to see the children after fall break and return to our school routine. Please mark your calendar for Parent Conference Day on October 29th. Look for a sign up with your child’s classroom teacher. We look forward to talking with you! ELA: Essential Question: How [...]

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Kindergarten News: 10/8


Hi Parents, It is hard to believe we have completed the first quarter of kindergarten! Your children have learned so much and we are proud of their hard work. Please mark your calendar for the upcoming school events. Upcoming Dates October 8th- No School, Planning Day October 11th-15th- No School, [...]

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Kindergarten News: 9/24


Hi Parents, Kindergarten students continue to use Kelso’s Choices to resolve small conflicts at school. Encourage your child to share if they have used a choice in class (or at home)! 😊 We made homemade applesauce in class! Children were able to use all five senses as we made this [...]

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Kindergarten News: 9/17


Hi Parents, While at guidance, kindergarten students are being introduced to another friend who can help them resolve small conflicts. His name is Kelso! Ask your child to explain when to use Kelso’s Choices and see if he/she can name two! Of course, if children have a BIG problem, they [...]

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