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1st Grade News: 12/3


1st Grade News 12/3/2021 December 16th - Half Day of School/Holiday Parties December 17th - January 6th - Winter Break - Please make sure your child has a towel, water bottle, and a snack each day. - Please connect to your child's Infinite Campus account through the Family Portal. More [...]

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4th Grade News: 12/3


Hello Families, We have had a fantastic week back from the Thanksgiving holiday! Our December Navigator Day was on Thursday, and it was such a meaningful experience for everyone involved. We enjoyed one on one time with each of our fourth graders, and as a school we were able to [...]

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Kindergarten News: 12/3


Hi Parents, We had a groovy time celebrating the 70th day of school! It is hard to believe we are close to the end of our first semester of kindergarten! Please mark your calendar for our upcoming winter holiday celebration, Pajamas & Cocoa on December 16th. Check your child’s weekly [...]

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2nd Grade News: 12/3


Second Grade skills for the week of December 6-10: ELA Wit and Wisdom - Module 2, Lessons 1-3 Anchor Text: The Buffalo Are Back Skills: Use a known root word as a clue to the meaning of unknown words. Understand and retell main topics and key events described in The [...]

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3rd Grade News: 12/3


Hello, 3rd grade families! We have had a great first week back to school since Thanksgiving. We are grateful for each and every one of you! Here is what we will be learning about next week: ELA - We are beginning a new unit where we are studying how people [...]

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2nd Grade News: 11/19


This Thanksgiving, we are reminded as to how fortunate we are to teach and learn in a place that is filled with the love and support of its families, teachers, and administration. The 2nd grade team is thankful for: Seeing your children live and in person each day. The joy [...]

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Kindergarten News: 11/19


Hi Parents, The 70th day of school is approaching (December 2nd)! We would like the kindergarten children to dress in 70’s attire (tie dye shirts, bell bottoms, peace symbols, etc.). We hope the kiddos go “all out” for this groovy occasion! Upcoming Dates ~November 24th-26th- No School, Thanksgiving Holiday ~December [...]

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4th Grade News: 11/19


Hello Families, Our fourth graders have been working hard all week and we know they are excited and ready to enjoy the Thanksgiving break ahead! If your child plans on missing school next week, please let their homeroom teacher know--this is very helpful in planning lessons and activities! Notes for [...]

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3rd Grade News: 11/12


Hello, 3rd grade families! -As we reflect on Veteran's Day this week, we want to send special thoughts to the loved ones in our families that have served in the military. A big thanks to everyone for their service in our country. -Each week, our school recognizes one student from [...]

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2nd Grade News: 11/12


Second Grade skills for the week of November 15-19: ELA Wit and Wisdom- Module 1, Lessons 25-29 Anchor Text: Sky Tree Skills: Describe the impact of color in Sky Tree paintings. Identify the purpose of revision. Identify strategies to review informative paragraphs. Analyze how an author develops imagery using academic [...]

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