2nd Grade News: 5/3

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • How is an autobiography different from a biography? From what point of view is an autobiography written? From what point of view is a biography written?
  • Can you put the following words in order from least strong to strongest? (angry, furious, irritated) (joyful, happy, ecstatic)
  • What are two different ways you can make 89 cents?
  • Can you make 75 cents with 9 coins?
  • What species of caterpillars/butterflies do we have in our classrooms?
  • In what stage are our caterpillars/butterflies currently?
  • With what body part do butterflies taste?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom Module 3: Civil Rights Heroes
Essential Question: How can people respond to injustice?

Learning Goals:
– Build knowledge about Ruby Bridges’ response to injustice.
– Elaborate on narratives by adding details.
– Rearrange simple and compound sentences to increase sentence variety.
– Ask and answer questions about a new text.
– Examine story elements (setting, characters, and problem) in a text.
– Use the meaning of known words to predict the meaning of unknown compound words.
– Use sentence-level context and glossary to determine and clarify the meaning of the words inferior and superior.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:
– Review and Assess

Solve contextual problems involving amounts less than one dollar including quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Solve contextual problems involving whole number dollar amounts up to $100.

Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.)
Science: Animal Classification, Lifecycles (Butterflies)

Dates to Remember:
– FastBridge Testing – May 6th-10th
– Report Cards Issued – May 23rd
– Last Day of School (½ day) – May 23rd

Announcements/Important Information:
Last week was the final week for spelling words and homework in second grade! Please continue to have your child read each night and enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors!

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