3rd Grade News: 5/13


Hello Families! Hard to believe that we have only two weeks of school left! What a year we have had, and how exciting that we are winding down with so many fun upcoming activities! We are closing out the school year with economics and our marketing project, where the students [...]

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3rd Grade News 5/6


Hello Families!! We have a lot going on in the next few weeks as we wind down the school year! What a year we have had, and how great for us to be able to end on many fun activities, events, and excitement! ELA- we continue our immigration unit SS [...]

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3rd Grade News: 4/15


Hello Families! We hope you are all able to enjoy the four-day weekend we're about to have! Congrats to our ROAR winners from last week: Bell: Maddox Bray: Mingyi Zimmerman: Luella On Tuesday we begin TN Ready testing! Please help our students feel encouraged by sending in a quick little [...]

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3rd Grade News: 4/8


Hello Families! Congratulations to our ROAR students from this past Friday: Bell- Baylor Bray- Sarah Beth Zimmerman- Lynlee Next Week: ELA: Focusing on TN Ready prep! Math: Yearly Review in preparation for TN Ready Science: Severe weather, with a focus on hurricanes ***TNReady: To help encourage the students through the [...]

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3rd Grade News: 4/1


Hello Families! Lots of updates in this week's newsletter! Congratulations to our ROAR students from this past Friday: - Bell- Liam - Bray- Elliott - Zimmerman- Preston Next Week: ELA: Immigration Unit continues, with focus on a compare and contrast essay Math: Yearly Review in preparation for TN Ready Science: [...]

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3rd Grade News: 3/25


Hello Families! Hard to believe it, but quarter 4 is under way! It was so wonderful seeing the kids as we started back. We hope everyone had a wonderful and restful break! We have started reviewing concepts and skills we've learned throughout the year and are applying it as we [...]

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3rd Grade News: 3/4


Hello Families! What an exciting upcoming week we have! Congratulations to last week's ROAR winners: Bell: Creed Bray: Woody Zimmerman: Lucy Next week: - ELA: Finishing our space module, and writing an opinion essay on what the most important things humans have learned about space is. - Math: Elapsed time [...]

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3rd Grade News: 2/25


Hello Families! As we inch closer to spring break, we have some exciting news! We have received confirmation that we are able to have parents attend our Wax Museum on Thursday, March 10th! Parents will be able to visit outside. We are so excited you will be able to see [...]

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3rd Grade News: 2/11


Hello Families! We are halfway through our nine weeks, and can't believe how quickly time is going! ELA- continuation of opinion writing, with a culmination of a 4 paragraph essay on whether or not they would like to have been an astronaut on Apollo 11. Math- Continuation of fractions, with [...]

3rd Grade News: 2/112022-02-10T18:55:44-06:00