3rd Grade News: 10/27

Hello Families!
We have just wrapped up quarter 1, and are excited to start quarter 2!
ELA- We are wrapping up our 3 month unit on the sea, and are now going to start exploring space! Students love this unit, and love learning about our universe.
Math- In math, students are learning about area of composite and complex shapes.  Please make sure your child is continuing to practice those math facts at home! Fact fluency is important, and makes life easier for them as concepts get trickier! 🙂 
Social Studies- As your child continues to practice their state geography and prepare for their 50 states test on November 17th, they ahve also been diving in deeper to the 5 regions of the United States, and understanding the climate, natural resources and products, culture, and landmark of each region.  They’ve been enjoying this greatly!
We hope everyone is having a lovely fall!
~Third Grade Teachers
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