4th Grade News 5/6


Hello Families! Happy Friday! *Middle School: Please take a few seconds to fill out the following Google Form. All you need to write is your child's name and the school they plan to attend next year. This will help us to organize your child's file and records. Middle School Form [...]

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4th Grade News: 4/15


Happy Friday! Please read for important details and events in the coming weeks. *Return class and school library books! Now is the time to start checking bookshelves at home for any books your child has borrowed from their classroom and/or library. We are missing several on our shelves in class [...]

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4th Grade News: 4/1


Happy Friday! We can hardly believe that we're here in the fourth quarter! This is such a fun, exciting, and busy time in fourth grade. Below is a list and a few details about upcoming important 4th grade events at PPE. Mark your calendars! - April 1 (TODAY): Walking Tour [...]

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4th Grade News: 3/25


Happy Friday! We hope everyone had a relaxing, fun, and well-deserved spring break. Please see below for a few notes as we kick off the final quarter of the school year! -Walking Tour Field Trip April 1 It’s Field Trip Time! Fourth grade students, teachers, and chaperones will be heading [...]

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4th Grade News: 3/11


Happy Friday, and Hello Spring Break! It is hard to believe we are gearing up for the fourth quarter of the school year! This is a really fun and exciting time in fourth grade, but also hard-working as we prepare for TN Ready and bittersweet as we prepare to head [...]

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4th Grade News: 2/25


Happy Friday, families! Please read below to know more about the week ahead: - Tuesday, February 25: Read-A-Thon begins! - Friday, March 4: Pajama Day! As Read-A-Thon begins, it may be helpful to know that fourth graders will get their points by reading books and taking Accelerated Reader quizzes on [...]

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4th Grade News: 2/18


Happy Friday, families! Please read below to know more about the week ahead: Tuesday, February 22: Vision and Hearing screening for grades K, 2, and 4. We have the current list of opt-outs if you chose to not include your child in this screening. Tuesday, February 22-24: PPE Used Book [...]

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4th Grade News: 2/11


Happy Friday, families! Please read below to know more about the week ahead: Monday, February 14: Valentine's Day! The 4th grade will celebrate Valentine’s Day with classroom parties, including a Valentine's box contest for each class. Valentine's boxes are to be decorated at home and brought to school Monday morning. [...]

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4th Grade News: 2/4


Happy Friday, families! Dismissal Request (Carpooling): When carpooling, please give the number for each of the students in the carpool. Due to filters in the classrooms, several students are not seeing a friend's car number and do not know to go the porch for dismissal. More importantly, we also would [...]

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4th Grade News: 1/28


Happy Friday to our Fabulous Fourth Grade Families! MNPS is holding a district-wide Minecraft challenge for all students. Students must create a historical landmark and record a tour. In February, Mrs. Ramsey will host work sessions for 3rd and 4th graders who are interested in completing the project. 4th Grade [...]

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