4th Grade News: 9/9

Happy Friday, Families!
Today is our first day of Kindergarten Buddies! Our fourth graders have been pumped up about this opportunity and are so excited to get to know their buddy this year. Make sure to ask your fourth grader who their buddy is and what they learned about them today!

Please see below for important reminders and information on the week ahead.

A Note About Math Retakes:

As we move past the middle of the quarter, please make sure your child is keeping up with grades, which they can access any time on Schoology or review graded work that is returned. Typically, math assessments are returned the next day and can be found in your child’s Friday folder. We recommend that your child takes a look at this and reviews their work–we call this “error analysis”. They can look at questions that are incorrect and determine the reason. Did I not read the question correctly or all the way? Did I write the numbers down incorrectly? Did I not understand what the question was asking? This is really helpful information for your child so they can have a plan on how to help themselves and how we can help support them at school.
If your child scored below a C (<70), we will also include an optional packet of practice for students to revisit skills. Again, this is optional, however, if they would like to retake a test for a new grade, we would like them to turn in the practice first, so we know they have had time to review the skills.

What 4th Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English & Language Arts):
-Wit and Wisdom Module 1:
Essential Question-What does it mean to have a great heart, literally and figuratively?
Focusing Question- What is a great heart, literally (core text: The Circulatory Story)
Weekly Language Review: New Skill: Word Study- Prefixes com- and col- (spiral review quiz Friday, 9/16/22)
Intermediate Foundational Skills: introduce words with the inflectional ending -ed and Morphology: introduce the root arch

-Write tenths and hundredths in decimal notation.
-Represent, compare, and order fractions and decimals by reasoning about their size.
*Homework sent home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday
*Weekly Quiz on Thursday

-Space Science (seasonal changes and shadow length)

We already look forward to the week ahead with these amazing 4th graders. Have a fantastic weekend!

The Fourth Grade Team- Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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