3rd Grade News: 9/9

Students will learn how scientists explore the sea. They will read an illustrated biography that portrays the joy and wonder that compelled Jacques Cousteau to spend his life exploring the sea.

Skills for September 12-16:

ELA: The Sea

Central Text: The Famous Undersea Life of Jacques Cousteau by Dan Yaccarino.


Identify the main idea and essential meaning in an explanatory paragraph and include an illustration to aid in comprehension.
With support, explain the purpose of the simple past tense and use the simple past tense correctly.
Explain why and how scientists explore the sea.
Plan a written response to an expository prompt.
With support, use conventional spelling for adding suffixes to base words.

Math: Multiplication


Students represent an array situation using an equation with a symbol for the unknown number and solve.
Students describe the commutative property of multiplication using arrays.
Students use their understanding of equal groups to solve a design problem.

Social Studies: Introduction to Geography


Analyze maps and globes using common terms including country, equator, hemisphere, latitude, longitude, north pole, prime meridian, region, south pole, time zones.
Use cardinal directions, intermediate directions, map scales, legends, and grids to locate major cities in Tennessee and the U.S.
Use different types of maps (e.g., political, physical, population, resource, and climate), graphs, and charts to interpret geographic information

Science: Animal Adaptations

3.LS4.1: Explain the cause-and-effect relationship between a naturally changing environment and an organism’s ability to survive.

3.LS4.2: Infer that plant and animal adaptations help them survive in land and aquatic biomes


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