4th Grade News: 3/24

Happy Friday, Families!
What a wonderful week it has been! We loved getting to see our fabulous fourth graders return from Spring Break and hear all about their adventures. We had such a great time with March MATHness, working together and having fun with a variety of challenges and games.

Please see below for a look at what’s ahead:

A note about smart watches…
We have noticed several distractions throughout the year with our fourth graders and the alerts/messaging on their smart watches. Please help us with minimizing classroom distractions as a result of personal technology. If your student has a smart watch that they bring to school, please discuss with them appropriate usage of these devices. During the school day any functionality on the watch outside of checking the time should not be utilized. Students will be asked to remove their smart watch and be asked to place it in their backpack or binder if it is a distraction to the learning environment. To help minimize distractions, please remember that if you need to reach your child during the school day, you should communicate directly to your child’s teacher or the front office staff (this includes dismissal changes). Thank you for your help in supporting an effective learning environment for our students.

Coming Up…
TN READY! Our students are READY to rock the end of year tests, and classes will be continuing to teach and review skills to help build confidence and show what we know! Please be on the lookout for information from room parents that includes a sign up for snacks during our testing window.

House Party! We are so excited for our annual House Party in fourth grade! This is such a great time of year for our fourth graders as the school year comes to an end. Included in the email from room parents you will find a sign up for various volunteer opportunities preparing for and hosting House Party activities.

What is my Fourth Grader learning next week?

ELA (English & Language Arts):

Wit and Wisdom, Module 3, The Redcoats are Coming!

Essential Question: Why is it important to understand all sides of a story?

Focus Question: What were the perspectives of the two main sides of the American Revolution?

Texts: Paul Revere, a minibiography; Art: The Boston Massacre, Revere (an etching); George vs. George; Massacre in King Street Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters

Intermediate Foundational Skills/Grammar/Writing

Intermediate Foundational Skills: comparatives and superlatives (-er and -est); Morphology: practice root port

Weekly Language Review: Frequently Confused Words, quiz Friday, 3/31/23

Writing: opinion essay; using evidence in our writing

ELA Homework: ELA TN Ready Practice Book , Monday-Thursday, due the following day and checked in class.

– Monday, March 27: Read “Marie Curie” on pages 38-39; answer questions 24-30 on pages 40-42

– Tuesday (Editing), March 28: Read “The Amazing Bowerbird” on page 43 and answer questions 31-35 on pages 44-46

– Wednesday, March 29: Read “The Fog” on pages 56-58 and “The Old House” on pages 58-60; answer questions 1-7 on pages 61-65

– Thursday, March 30: Read “Telling Stories with Light and Shadow” on pages 66-67; answer questions 8-11 on pages 67-69

Social Studies:
Studies Weekly 27: Women in the Civil War; Test: Friday, 3/31/23

This Week’s Focus: With fourth grade skills complete, we will spend the next few weeks reviewing big concepts we’ve learned this year. This coming week will largely focus on skills with fractions (order, compare, equivalent, add/subtract/multiply).

Keep practicing math facts! We will continue to review contextual problems using all four operations. Please encourage your children to keep up their practice with basic multiplication and division facts!

-Homework will be sent home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and needs to be returned the following day and checked in class. Students will have each night’s problems noted on the cover of their practice books.

-Weekly quiz on Thursday—fraction review.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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