3rd Grade News: 3/24

Skills for March 27-31

ELA: A New Home

Central Text: Tea with Milk

Tea with Milk tells the story of Grandfather’s daughter, who is forced to leave San Francisco and immigrate to Japan, where she ultimately makes her home.

Knowledge Goals:

Gain an overview of the history of immigration to the United States.
Understand some of the challenges immigrants face in their new country.
Understand the diversity of traditions immigrants bring with them.


– Describe the traits, motivations, or feelings of characters in a story and explain how their actions contribute to the sequence of events.
– Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
– Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.
– Form and use regularly and irregular plural nouns.
– Use abstract nouns.
– Form and use regular and irregular verbs.
– Ensure subject-verb agreement.
– Use commas in addresses and dialogue.
– Form and use possessives.

Math: Two-dimensional Shapes and Perimeter


– Reason about shapes and their attributes.
– Find the perimeter of two-dimensional shapes, including when all or some side lengths are given.
– Apply geometric understanding to solve problems.

Social Studies: Early North American Settlements (1585-1600’s)


– Gather information from a variety of sources.
– Develop historical awareness.
– Develop geographic awareness.
– Science: Energy/Magnets

Recognize that energy is present when objects move; describe the effects of energy transfer from one object to another.
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