4th Grade News: 1/20

Happy Friday, Families!
It’s been another great week here in Fourth Grade!

Coming Up…

Valentine’s Day
Our Valentine’s Parties are right around the corner! We are planning to celebrate with our classes on Tuesday, February 14. In your child’s Friday Folder, you will find a class list to help with addressing Valentine’s cards. Also included are details for our Fourth Grade Valentine’s Box Contest. If students wish to participate, they will choose one of the three categories to participate in. We are looking forward to celebrating with our SWEET classes!

What is my Fourth Grader learning next week?

ELA (English & Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom, Module 2, Extreme Settings

  • Essential Question: How does a challenging setting or physical environment change a person?
  • Focus Question: How does setting influence character and plot development?
  • Text: Hatchet by Gary Paulsen

Intermediate Foundational Skills/Grammar/Writing

  • Intermediate Foundational Skills: Morphology: Introduce Root rupt
  • Weekly Language Review (new skill: relative pronouns and adverbs); prepositions/ prep. phrases, quiz Friday, 1/27/23
  • Writing: We will be writing narrative Mountain Survival essays over the next few weeks as our end of unit writing assessment.

ELA Homework: distributed Monday, 1/23/23, due Friday, 1/27/23

Social Studies:
Studies Weekly 19: Westward Expansion; Test: Friday, 1/27/23


This Week’s Focus: Finding Number Patterns and Interpreting Contextual Word Problems Using the Four Operations.

Keep Practicing DIVISION! This week, we continued our work with long division using Area Model/Box Method and Standard Algorithm. Along with standard algorithm, students also learned about interpreting remainders:

Use only the quotient if the question asks for the number of full groups. Ignore the remainder for these types of problems!
662 people want to ride a roller coaster at the amusement park. Each car can hold 9 people. How many full cars can be filled with this group of people?

Use only the remainder if the problem asks “What is left?” or “What is left over?” after something has been divided. The remainder is also the answer if the problem asks for the amount of “partially full” items.
Susie has 47 beads. She would like to make bracelets that can only have 5 beads on them. How many beads will be left over after she makes as many bracelets as she can?

Add 1 to the quotient if the question asks to use the full amount, including items that may not be in an equal or full group.
Ben needs to give tours to 80 people. He can take 7 people on a tour. How many tours will he need to give to accommodate all 80 people?

-Homework will be sent home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and needs to be returned the following day.
-Weekly quiz on Thursday

Final Few Reminders…

Please make sure your child has headphones for the classroom. We use them daily when working on computers.

Disinfectant Wipes:
We are running low on wipes. If you would like to send any to your child’s homeroom, we would greatly appreciate it!

Clever Badges:
With the start of a new semester, students were given updated passwords for their computers and Clever accounts. QR codes for Clever logins were sent home in Friday Folders last week. There are instructions on the paper for accessing the site.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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