4th Grade News: 2/24

Happy Friday, Families!
What a wild and wonderful week! We always love House Spirit Days with our fourth graders. Please see below for a look at the week ahead:

Coming Up…


Theme: Charlotte’s Web

Dates: Friday, February 24th at 8:00 AM to Wednesday, March 8th at 3:00 PM.

NEW this year: Each student will receive a blue Read-A-Thon folder with their name on the front. They will keep their reading log, challenge sheet, and any other RAT related materials in this folder. Students are encouraged to take this folder with them between home and school.

Reading Logs: 4th grade students will keep track of their minutes read on their paper reading log. Parents will need to initial for at-home reading.

Challenge Sheets: Color challenges on cardstock. Students will travel “around the barnyard” completing numbered challenges. With every four challenges they complete, they will earn a coordinating metal button to pin on their blue Read-A-Thon lanyard. There are 24 challenges which means they have the opportunity to earn six different buttons. Students who complete all 24 challenges earn a medal for their lanyard. Medals will be delivered on March 10th.

Prizes/Winners: 4th graders who read more than 1000 minutes will earn a ticket to Wilbur’s Country Fair Party (to be held in the library after Spring Break).

What is my Fourth Grader learning next week?

ELA (English & Language Arts):

Wit and Wisdom, Module 3, The Redcoats are Coming!

Essential Question: Why is it important to understand all sides of a story?

Focus Question: What were the perspectives of the two main sides of the American Revolution?

Texts: George vs. George; “Massacre in King Street” by Mark Clemons; Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters

Art: The Boston Massacre, Revere (an etching)

Intermediate Foundational Skills/Grammar/Writing

Intermediate Foundational Skills: plurals practice changing ‘y’ to ‘i’ (+es) and ‘f'(e) to ‘ves’; Morphology: introduce root port

Weekly Language Review: commas and coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences quiz Friday, 3/3/23

Writing: opinion essay; using evidence in our writing

ELA Homework: *In lieu of regular homework, students are encouraged to read AT LEAST 20 minutes each night for Read-A-Thon!

Social Studies:

Studies Weekly 24: Fort Sumter; Test: Friday, 3/3/23

This Week’s Focus: We are continuing our unit on angles and angle measurement! This week, we will review polygons and explore lines of symmetry. Keep practicing math facts! We will continue to review contextual problems using all four operations. Please encourage your children to keep up their practice with basic multiplication and division facts!

-Homework will be sent home Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and needs to be returned the following day.

-Weekly quiz on Thursday—this will cover triangles, quadrilaterals, and lines of symmetry.

All about ECOSYSTEMS! We have learned about the components of a healthy ecosystem and how living and non-living things interact in a specific environment. This week, students are engaged in “Endangered Investigations”, learning about an endangered species and preparing a persuasive presentation. As a class, we will symbolically adopt the animal chosen in each homeroom through World Wildlife Fund.

Final Few Reminders…

Please make sure your child has headphones for the classroom. We use them daily when working on computers. (You may want to ask your child—some may have been lost/broken throughout the year.)

Disinfectant Wipes:
We are running low on wipes. If you would like to send any to your child’s homeroom, we would greatly appreciate it!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Grace, Kate, Emily, and Jessica

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