Kindergarten News: 4/1

Hi Parents,
The children have enjoyed observing their animals. Now that we have planted flower seeds, the kiddos can use information from observations to identify differences between plants and animals.

PPE Scholastic Book Fair (April 4th-8th) 
After a two-year hiatus, it’s BACK! Our Scholastic Book Fair will take place in the library from Monday, April 4th thru Friday, April 8th. It will be open for families to shop from 3:30-5:00 on Monday, April 4th.  Miss Stuart is really encouraging families to use e-wallet or a credit card for purchases.

Students can bring their Grandparents’ and Special Friends to shop the Book Fair when they visit PPE on Thursday, April 7th (K/1st). Please see your child’s class update/newsletter for their specific schedule.

Notes & Reminders for Grandparents Day…

  • We will not be able to serve a cafeteria lunch to our grandparents and special visitors this year. You are welcome to bring lunch to eat or share with your student.
  • Cafeteria lunch will be available for students.
  • Masks are available for all students, staff, and visitors. Masks are encouraged but optional.
  • All visitors need to bring a government issued photo ID. Please plan to arrive early so we can get everyone checked in. If you are local to the area you can also come in any day prior to your visit to get yourself checked in to our system.
  • We want our students to stay at school until the regular dismissal time. If it is necessary to dismiss a student early, please make sure the teacher has been notified beforehand and the student is dismissed and signed out from the front office.
  • Parents, if you can’t make it to the Fair, you may shop at our school’s Online Book Fair. All orders ship directly to your home, and shipping is free for book orders over $25. Your online orders will benefit our school as well.  Don’t hesitate to email Miss Stuart with further questions.

Here’s what is coming up in kindergarten…

Essential Question: How has life in America changed over time?
Focusing Question: How has life at home and at school changed in America?

~Identify the main topic of the text, and retell the key details that support the main topic
~Ask and answer questions to clarify information
~Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to respond to a prompt and supply information about a topic
~Spell words phonetically, drawing on sound-letter relationships
~Make the long vowel sound by adding silent e to words
~Demonstrate understanding of grade-level vocabulary
~Read and write high frequency sight words)
~Read grade level texts with purpose and understanding (Take-home readers) Science
~Engage in science by asking questions and participate in collaborative investigations
~Observe and care for living things (plants and animals) and record observations Math
~Fluently Add and Subtract within 10

Upcoming Dates

~April 4th-8th- Scholastic Book Fair
~April 7th- K/1st Grandparents & Grand Friends Visit
~April 14th- Planning Day, No School
~April 15th- Spring Holiday, No School
~April 19th- Progress Reports

There are PLENTY of activities coming up, so be sure to mark your calendar! Check your child’s Friday folder, your teacher’s weekly update, and the PPE website for more information. 😊

Thanks for ALL you do!!
K Team

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