Tiger Paws Sale Starts Monday, May 3rd

Each year the 4th-grade class sells Tiger Paws to raise money to purchase a gift for Percy Priest Elementary to leave their mark and impact future generations of Tigers.

This year they are designing the field trip shirts for next year. They hope to raise enough to buy the field trip shirts for the whole school. With each donation, your child will get to write their name and hang their tiger paw to show their support. When a virtual student pays for a tiger paw, they will have their paw print put on the wall.

The 4th grade will be encouraging the students to purchase the tiger paws.

  • Tiger Paws- Any amount you want to give

This year you can be purchase the Tiger Paws through the PTO at


TREASURER@PERCYPRIEST.ORG (Please indicate Tiger Paw and your students name and grade)

Then fill out the Tiger Paw Form here: to make sure we get your student their Tiger Paw.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our school and our wonderful 4th graders!!!


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