1st Grade News: 9/1

Please remember to send a full water bottle and a snack with your child daily.

  • September 1:  No school for students.  PD day for teachers.
  • September 4:  No school/Labor Day
  • September 5:  Homework starts for first grade.  Homework is due on Friday, September 8.
  • September 8:  Fall Picnic
  • September 11:  Tiger Cup Golf Tournament at Old Natchez
  • September 12:  PTO Meeting @ 6:00pm in the library
  • September 21:  Percy’s Vintage Closet Sale
  • September 28  Songwriter’s Night

What we are learning.

Social Studies:  Studies Weekly #4:  “Landforms”

Spelling Words:  cab   had   bag   jam   van   tab   sad   rag   yam   ran  from   were

The Spelling test will be on Friday, September 8.

TN Foundational Skills/Phonics:  Blending, segmenting, tricky words, and decodable texts

Wit & Wisdom:

Focusing Question: “How does the Biblioburro change life for Ana?”

Essential Question: “How do books change lives around the world?”

Text: “Waiting for the Biblioburo”  and  “My Librarian is a Camel”

Math:  Add and Subtract within 20

Science:  Earth’s Place in the Universe

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