2nd Grade News: 12/1

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • What do you know about capitalization? How can it change the meaning of a sentence?
  • What addition and subtraction strategies have you learned this week? Which ones do you prefer to use?
  • What is a pioneer? How would you describe the pioneers’ journey in the early American West?
  • What are some landforms the pioneers encountered on their journey?
  • What are some high pitched sounds? What are some low pitched sounds?


What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

 ELA (English Language Arts):

  • Wit and Wisdom Module 2: The American West
    • Essential Question: What was life like in the West for early Americans?
    • Learning Goals:
      • Collect evidence of challenges and responses in a text.
      • Identify new knowledge gained from a text.
      • Ask and answer questions about a text.
      • Draft an informative paragraph with clearly explained details.
      • Integrate peer feedback to improve the clarity of ideas in an informational paragraph by adding supporting details and evidence.
      • Edit independent writing to ensure capitalization of holidays and geographic names.
      • Revise sentences with appropriate capitalization.
      • Develop vocabulary knowledge of the word tragedy using a Frayer Model.
      • Use sentence-level context to determine the meaning of the words distant, cease, and thrust.
  • Tennessee Foundational Skills:
    • Tricky y (representing the consonant sound /y/ as in yes, the vowel sound /i/ as in myth, and the vowel sound /ie/ as in try
    • Read words with different spellings for the /oe/ sound
    • /oe/ sound spelled ‘ow’ as in snow
    • Singular and plural nouns (regular and irregular plural nouns)
    • Identify nouns and verbs in sentences
    • Ask and answer questions about key details in the student reader



  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies


Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.)

  • Social Studies: United States Regions
  • Science: Sound


Dates to Remember:

  • Navigator Day: December 5th
  • Art Show: December 7th
  • ½ Day of School (Pajama, Movie, and Game Day): December 20th
  • Winter Break: December 21st-January 8th
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