2nd Grade News: 4/5

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • From what point of view is Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech written?
  • What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream for children? What is his dream for adults?
  • What does the prefix re- mean? What does the word reappear mean?
  • What are some strategies you can use to solve multiplication equations? Which strategy works best for you?
  • What multiplication equation represents the repeated addition equation 4+4+4+4=16?
  • Who did President James Madison ask to join the United States navy in order to expand it during the War of 1812? What were farmers given for agreeing to join?
  • What are your rights as a United States citizen?
  • Why is it important to be a responsible U.S. citizen?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom Module 3: Civil Rights Heroes
Essential Question: How can people respond to injustice?

Learning Goals:

  • Compare and contrast the main points of two texts on Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech.
  • Write an informative paragraph drawing evidence from two sources
  • Develop vocabulary knowledge of the word freedom.
  • Participate, as both a listener and a speaker, in a Socratic Seminar about the power of Martin Luther King Jr.’s words.
  • Use the meaning of known words to predict the meaning of unfamiliar compound words.
  • Answer questions about historical photographs to understand how they contribute and clarify text.
  • Ask and answer questions about Ruby Bridges Goes to School: My True Story.
  • Generate adjectives and adverbs depending on the word that is being modified.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:

  • Alphabetize
  • Complete vs. Incomplete sentences (subject and predicate)
  • Building sentences to make them more descriptive
  • Sort words based on their schwa spelling
  • Ask and answer questions about key details in the student reader stories.
  • Spelling Words: Madison, president, Congress, British, Washington, impressment, cannon, death, Dolley, merchants, paved, hawks, monarchy, navy, battle, march,
  • support, troops, painting, Ironsides


Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.)
Science: Solar Eclipse

Dates to Remember:
– Progress Reports Issued: April 16th
– Tennessee State Museum Field Trip: April 16th

Payment is being collected for the second grade field trip to the Tennessee State Museum on April 16th. The cost is $4. At your earliest convenience, please go to to pay for your child. Please follow the steps below to complete payment.

To pay for field trips:

  • Go to and click “Register.” If you already registered last year, then you would just log in at this point.
  • Once registered, you will be able to add your students. Go ahead and add all your PPE students for future field trip payments!
  • To add a student, the first question is:
  • Type in the School Board name and select one from the list.
  • Ours is “Metro Nashville Public School”
  • The rest of the questions are just your student’s information!

Once your students have been added, you will see “Items” listed across the top. When you click, you should see all your children’s names and what field trips are available for payment.

Please email if you have any problems!

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