2nd Grade News: 8/22

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • ●  What is the setting in the story, A Color of His Own? Who are the characters? What is the problem and resolution?
    ●  How does the chameleon change in A Color of His Own?

    ●  What are the subjects in the following sentence? Birds and butterflies migrate to warmer winter homes.

    ●  Which digit has the highest value in the number 296?

    ●  Can you represent the number 793 in expanded form?

    ●  Why is soil important? What is it used for?

    ●  What is weathering?

    What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

    ELA (English Language Arts):
    ●  Wit and Wisdom Module 1: A Season of Change

  • ○  Essential Question: How does change impact people and nature?

○  Learning Goals:

  • Vary sentence structures by combining sentences using conjunctions.
  • Record observations and questions about a nonfiction text.
  • Identify a connection between leaves and trees.
  • Connect academic vocabulary words separate and shape with content knowledge from previously read texts.
  • Identify the main topic and details of an informational text.
  • Examine and identify characteristics of conclusions.
  • ●  Tennessee Foundational Skills:

    • ○  /ou/ sound spelled ou and ow
    • ○  /oi/ sound spelled oi and oy
    • ○  /er/ sounds spelled er
    • ○  Tricky Words (words that do not play by the rules)
    • ○  Quotation Marks
    • ○  Ask and answer questions about key details in our student reader
    • ○  The writing process (plan, draft, edit, publish)


  • ●  Represent Numbers to 1,000
  • ●  Numbers on a Number Line

    Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.): ● Soil

○ Earth’s natural processes (erosion, weathering)

Dates to Remember:
●  Songwriters Night – Thursday, September 28th

●  Navigator Day – Wednesday, October 4th

●  No School for Students – Friday, October 6th
●  Fall Break: October 9th-13th

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