Kindergarten News: 4/9

Dear Parents,
The Percy Priest Virtual Auction is one week away! We are excited to see who will join us on the Kindergarten Teacher Outing, “Slushies at Sevier.” ?This outing is just one of the many sought-after items available for bid. The official Auction catalogue will go home with the kiddos on Monday. Visit to purchase your tickets.
Mrs. Twitchel introduced the children to her friend Kelso, who taught them how to use “Kelso’s Choices” to solve small problems. Ask your child to explain the difference between big problems vs. little problems. See if he/she can demonstrate at least five of the nine Kelso’s Choices! Please read over the handout with your child. We will encourage the children to use these choices to resolve conflict at school. 
Here’s what is coming up in kindergarten…
Living Things
~Identify living and nonliving things
~Label the parts of an insect
~Describe the life cycle of a Butterfly
~Retell events in a text
~Use information from observations to understand the life cycle of plants

~ With prompting and support, ask and answer questions about key details in a text

~Read grade level texts with purpose and understanding (Take-home readers)

~Identify the long vowel sound in spoken words

~Make vowels short to long by adding “silent e”

~With guidance and support, write to compose informative/explanatory texts

~Compose friendly letters

~Count, identify and write numbers to 100

Mark your Calendar

  • April 13th– PTO Meeting
  • April 16th– PTO virtual spring auction event
  • April 20th- Progress Reports
  • May 3rd-7th- Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 25th- Last day of school, 11:30 dismissal (half-day)

Have a great weekend!

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