1st Grade News: 3/3

  • March 8: Read-A-Thon ends at 3pm. Read-A-Thon logs need to be returned to school.
  • March 10: Read-A-Thon Celebration Day!! Favorite Book Character Dress-Up Day!
  • March 10: ½ day for students with 11:30am dismissal. Brunch will be served in the café.
  • March 13-17: Spring Break
  • March 20: Students return to school from Spring Break.
  • March 23: Math Night/more details later
  • Please remember to have your child bring his/her Read-A-Thon folder to school daily.


What we are learning:

Social Studies: Catch up and review

Science: The Structures of Plants and their Life Cycles and Observing millipedes, fish, and pill bugs

TN Foundational Skills/Phonics: Blending, segmenting, tricky words, and decodable texts

Wit & Wisdom: Module 3 Powerful Forces

Text: “Feelings”

Focusing Question: How is wind a powerful force?

Math: Length Measurements Within 120 units

THE ONLY HOMEWORK WILL BE TO READ FOR Read-A-Thon! No spelling words or other homework until we return from Spring Break.

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