2nd Grade News: 1/13

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • What were some struggles faced by the pioneers as they traveled on the Oregon Trail?
  • How do you write a title in front of a person’s name?
  • What is the value of 3 hundreds, 26 tens, and 13 ones?
  • What is a democracy?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):

Wit and Wisdom Module 2: The American West
Essential Question: What was life like in the West for early Americans?
Learning Goals:
– Collect evidence of challenges and responses in a text.
– Draft an informative paragraph with clearly explained details.
– Revise to more clearly explain ideas.
– Edit independent writing to ensure capitalization of holidays and geographic names.
– Develop vocabulary knowledge.
– Use sentence-level context to determine the meaning of words.
– Identify new knowledge gained from a text.
– Ask and answer questions about a new text.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:
– /ee/ sound – introduce new spelling ‘y’ (as in funny)
– /ee/ sound – introduce new spelling ‘y’ (as in key)
– Change y to i and add -es
– Present and past tense of to be

– Numbers to 1,000
– The value of three digits
– Compare and order numbers within 1,000

– Forces and Interactions

Social Studies:
– Culture and Economics


Dates to Remember:
– No School: MLK Holiday – Monday, January 16th
– Navigator Day – Tuesday, January 31st

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