2nd Grade News: 2/2

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • What did you learn about the Lunar New Year? What are some traditions associated with the Lunar New Year?
  • To alphabetize the following words (prairie, west, famine, buffalo, journey, drought).
  • What is the difference between a regular and an irregular past tense verb? How do you make the verb run past tense? How do you make the verb jump past tense?
  • When we solve word problems, we can look for keywords or phrases to help us know what operation (addition, subtraction) to use when solving. What operation should you use if you see the phrase how many more than? What operation should you use if you see the phrase in all?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):

  • Wit and Wisdom Module 2: The American West
    • Essential Question: What was life like in the West for early Americans?
    • Learning Goals:
      • Notice and wonder about a new text.
      • Identify story elements in John Henry: An American Legend.
      • Generate observations and questions about John Henry.
      • Examine the importance of understanding feedback.
      • Respond to and apply peer feedback.
      • Identify and generate collective nouns from module texts and real-world experience.
      • Use collective nouns.
      • Distinguish shades of meaning among the words related to sound.
  • Tennessee Foundational Skills:
    • Alphabetizing
    • Identify parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives)
    • Read and identify words with the /u/ sound spelled ‘o’ as in son, ‘o_e’ as in come, ‘ou’ as in touch
    • Read and identify words with the schwa sound spelled ‘a’ as in about and spelled ‘e’ as in debate
    • Identify the subject and the predicate of a sentence
    • Contractions
    • Ask and answer questions about key details in the student reader
    • Spelling Words: knight, might, high, right, frightened, light, bright, crying, pry, why, nearby, trying, sky, drying, kingdom


  • Two-Dimensional Shapes

Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.)

  • Social Studies: Timelines, Primary and Secondary Sources

Dates to Remember:

  • Progress Reports Issued: February 13th
  • Class Valentine Parties: February 14th (1:45-2:40)
  • No School: February 19th
  • Used Book Sale: February 21st and 22nd
  • Read-a-thon Begins: February 23rd
  • Navigator Day: February 28th



  • Valentines/Valentine Boxes:
    • Students will exchange Valentines with their classmates at our class Valentine parties. Please help your child prepare a Valentine for each student in the class. Teachers will provide a class list or further instructions.
    • Students will also need a Valentine box to collect their Valentines. These should be made at home. Boxes can be decorated in a simple way or they can be as elaborate as you’d like. Please cut a hole or slot large enough for Valentines and/or treats to fit through. You can use a cereal box, a shoebox, or anything around that size. Students should be able to carry the box into school without help. We do ask that boxes be kept at home until the day of the party (February 14th).
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