2nd Grade News: 3/1

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • How are John Henry and Johnny Appleseed similar to real-life pioneers? How are they different?
  • What makes a complete sentence? What is a subject? What is a predicate?
  • What is a compound sentence? Can you give an example?
  • What would be the best measuring tool to use when measuring the length of a room? What would be the best measuring tool to use when measuring the length of a book?
  • If someone has 26 inches of red ribbon and 83 inches of green ribbon, how much more green ribbon than red ribbon does that person have?
  • What is one thing you learned from our Korean guest speaker?
  • What is the difference between a producer and a consumer?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom Module 3: Civil Rights Heroes
Essential Question: How can people respond to injustice?

Learning Goals:

  • Ask and answer questions about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the March on Washington using a variety of question words.
  • Identify the main topic of sections of an informational text.
  • Generate examples of civil rights in order to understand the importance of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Make connections among a series of historical events in the text.
  • Examine what a text and video have to say about the same topic: the injustices people faced before the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Compare important points presented by two texts on the same topic.
  • Use sentence-level context to determine the meaning of the words protest and refuse.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of word relationships by categorizing words related to integration and segregation.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:
Review and complete end-of-unit assessments (comprehension, grammar, decoding, alphabetical order)
Ask and answer questions about key details in the student reader stories.
Spelling Words: sleepy, messy, flight, sight, shy, cycle, chief, niece, believe, year, crystal, myself, ankle, model, nation

Measurement – Length

Social Studies/Science (We will rotate between science and social studies every two weeks.)
Social Studies: Economics (Imports and Exports)

Dates to Remember:

  • Read-a-thon: February 23rd-March 4th (Reading logs are due at 3:00 on March 4th.)
  • No School: March 5th
  • Book Character Dress-up Day and Half Day of School: March 8th
  • Spring Break: March 11th-15th

Dr. Young has asked that families complete an intent form to help us plan for next school year. Please use this link to access the form. Thank you for taking a minute to complete it!

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