2nd Grade News: 4/14

Ask your 2nd Grader:

  • What was Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream for the world? How is that different from a dream you have when you’re sleeping?
  • What are some key words you might hear if an author writes a text from the first person point of view?
  • What is an adverb?
  • If you have 15 apples and 3 baskets and want to divide the apples equally among the baskets, how many apples would you put in each basket?
  • How many different equal groups can you make with 12 counters?
  • What is a timeline? How do timelines help us learn about history?

What 2nd Graders Are Learning Next Week:

ELA (English Language Arts):
Wit and Wisdom Module 3: Civil Rights Heroes
Essential Question: How can people respond to injustice?

Learning Goals:
Ask and answer questions that stay on topic and deepen the conversation about the power of Martin Luther King Jr.’s words.
Understand and recount the narrative elements of a text.
Answer questions about historical photographs to understand how they contribute and clarify text.
Use the meaning of known words to predict the meaning of unfamiliar compound words.
Generate adjectives and adverbs depending on the word that is being modified.
Expand sentences, choosing between adjectives and adverbs depending on the word that is being modified.

Tennessee Foundational Skills:
Alphabetizing to the second letter
Complete vs. incomplete sentences
/er/ sound spelled ‘ar’ (as in dollar)
/er/ sound spelled ‘or’ (as in work)

Equal Groups

Animal Life Cycles and Survival

Social Studies:
Primary and Secondary Sources

Dates to Remember:

  • Progress Reports: April 18th
  • Field Day: May 5th
  • Nashville Children’s Theater: May 11th

Second grade will follow a slightly different schedule during TN Ready testing in order to accommodate the 3rd and 4th graders during their testing. Our lunch will be from 10:15-10:45 on April 18th, 19th, 20th, 24th, 25th, and 26th.

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