3rd Grade News: 11/4

Skills for November 7-11:

ELA: Outer Space

Central Text: Starry Messenger


Analyze the use of nonliteral language to support a main idea.
Identify the introduction, body and concluding paragraphs in an explanatory essay.
Use coordinating conjunctions to write a compound sentence.
Demonstrate knowledge of sequence words, cause-and-effect words, and context clues.
Provide a conclusion paragraph for an explanatory essay.

Math: Rounding


Multiples of 100
Nearest multiples of 10 and 100
Round to the nearest 10 and 100
Diagrams and equations for word problems
Science: Planetary Objects

Use data to categorize the planets in the solar system as inner or outer planets according to their physical properties.

Social Studies: The 50 States
Identify and locate the fifty states of the United States.

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The 3rd Grade Team

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